Cold Steel 22″ Two Handed Thai Machete with Sheath

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COLD STEEL Two Handed Thai Machete 22&quote; Blade, Polypropylene Handle

Blade Length: 22&quote;
Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
Overall Length: 36.5&quote;
Blade Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel with a Matte Black Anti-Rust Finish
Weight: 29.4 oz.
Handle: 14.5&quote; Long Polypropylene
Sheath: Cor-Ex® Sheath

Light enough to swing one handed, but with a long enough handle to employ a two handed grip for extra leverage and cutting power
The Thai Machetes wide blade and curved cutting edge make it an excellent brush cutter.
Its fully sharpened blade is made from the same tough 1055 Carbon Steel as the other blades
It’s tough polypropylene handle has a flattened oval grip that wont twist or turn in your hand, while its steel reinforced guard offers extra hand protection


Cold Steel

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