Cold Steel Kitchen Classics Whole Knife Set (13 Piece)

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Cold Steel 13-Piece Classic Kitchen Knife Set

1 Oak Block Stand
1 Paring Knife (3&quote; Knife)
1 Boning Knife (6&quote; Blade)
1 Utility Knife (6&quote; Blade)
1 Chef’s Knife (8&quote; Blade)
1 Slicer Knife (9&quote; Blade)
1 Bread Knife (9&quote; Blade)
6 Steak Knives (4-5/8&quote; Blades)
Steel: German 4116 Stainless, Cryo Quenched
Handles: Kray-Ex


  • High performance ice tempered, cryo-quenched and precision flat ground 400 series steel blade
  • Designed handle to ensure a secure, yet comfortable grip
  • Razor sharp edges
  • Includes wood stand, six steak knives
  • Care instructions: Hand Wash
  • Included components: New, Improved Grips. Includes: Wood Block Stand (59KBL) Six Steak Knives (59KSS6Z) One Each of: Boning Knife (59KSBNZ) Bread Knife (59KSBRZ) Chef s Knife (59KSCZ) Paring Knife (59KSPZ) Slicer Knife (59KSSLZ) Utility Knife (59KSUZ)

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