Cold Steel AK47 Folding Knife 3-1/2 Blade Black

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Their American CTS XHP alloy steel blades are vacuum Heat-Treated and sub-zero quenched for maximum toughness, then hollow ground by hand until they reach levels of sharpness only seen on a surgeon’s scalpel. They are then DLC (diamond like) coated for corrosion and abrasion resistance, while Enhancing the knives already astounding cutting power by reducing friction. The AK47 is equipped with ergonomic American G-10 handles that offer incredibly secure grip even when wearing thick gloves and working in cold or wet conditions. These tough hard use knives also feature a unique solid 6061 aluminum pommel that can focus strikes, serve as an impact tool and function as a “less than Lethal” option in a last ditch self-defense situation. The AK47 is also equipped with state of the art, record breaking Tri-Ad lock. Proven again and again to be superior to any other lock on the market today in terms of strength and shock resistance. Finally, to assure fully ambidextrous and Lightning fast access, each AK-47 comes with a patented thumb plate – allowing the knife to be drawn and simultaneously opened by snagging it on the edge of a pocket


  • Blade thickness: 3.5 mm
  • Blade length: 3 1/2 inch
  • Steel: carpenter CTS xhp alloy with DLC coating

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