How to make wine from grapes

How to make wine from grapes

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Wine from grapes.

For many years, wine was considered an art that has been is subject to only a few people. Masters passed their generation after generation of knowledge, carefully preserving recipes of wine. Today, many recipes for homemade alcoholic drink leaked onto the internet and became publicly available. The following we will tell you how to make wine from grapes at home.

How to make wine from grapes at home


Winemakers usually use a special kind of grapes, which contains a lot of glucose and is easy to grow. Usually this sort of Isabella, but when it is used in making wine from grapes at home is necessary to add a little sugar, as this variety is distinguished by its sour taste. Water is not used in the wine industry, only low-quality wine is diluted with water.

Pay attention to the packaging, which will ferment the grapes. It must be perfectly clean and free from fungi and microorganisms. If they fall into the wine from grapes, the whole barrel would not be usable. Winemakers use wooden barrels, which had been treated with sulfur.

Making wine from grapes at home


Wine making steps.

Recipe of wine from grape juice is very simple: to 10 kg of fruit is 50-200 grams per liter of juice, depending on the grape variety Preparation steps:

  • Processing the collected fruit.

A few days before the harvest should not be raining, as wild yeasts that are on the skin, are stored in the same form. Fruits need well-ripened, because they have less acid taste of the drink will be canceled. But do not use overripe fruit, as they increased the acidity and the taste of the drink is also deteriorating. The capacity of the prepared pulp is covered with a cloth and placed in a darkened warm place for a couple of days.

  • Getting juice.

A few days later solution is clarified and get sour taste. There will also be some hiss, signaling that the fermentation proceeds normally, and you can squeeze the juice.

  • Active fermentation.

Wine from red grapes to roam at 22-28 degrees, white – 16-22. At lower temperatures, the fermentation process may stop. If you notice that the fermentation process is stopped, it is necessary to perform a special starter.

  • Add sugar.
  • Clarification of wine.

Cooking grape wine with your hands and keep it in the cellar, even a few months later it can be quite muddy hue. Fix it will help cleanse the artificial methods. For this fit egg white and gelatin. This will lighten your drink without spoiling the taste. But to perform lighting is recommended only in extreme cases. This wine is completely ready for use. The drink varies closed glass bottles and corks. Store in the refrigerator in an inclined position.

Follow this article “how to make wine from grapes” and become a real sommelier!